Tried canvas painting for the first time, I need an honest review( suggestions would help a lot)

2021.12.06 03:20 crazy_girl0103 Tried canvas painting for the first time, I need an honest review( suggestions would help a lot)

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2021.12.06 03:20 unapproved_dentist The Gem that is The Ryria Revelations

I highly recommend this series for those who haven't read it. I love it so much I purchased the ebooks AND the paperbacks.
It's that kind of dramatic fantasy that sucks you in but also laughs at itself sometimes. Sometimes it feels like it's a part of our own history instead of pure fantasy, and the humour interweaved within the drama is very organic.
And while it very plainly tells you who to like and who to hate, it does so in a way that feels natural as opposed to forced. The relationships between the characters is real, not some slapstick job that M. Sullivan forgot about and tried to patch up in the final edit.
Each time you read through there's something new to discover, and I love it for this, as well as its easy-reading and morish writing.
I've struggled to read any other fantasy, for I fear nothing will stand up to this series.
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2021.12.06 03:20 clarkkkkkk8 .

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2021.12.06 03:20 deathtogrammar It's a great day to be a Minnesota Vikings Hater

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2021.12.06 03:20 Double_Handle6106 How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing As A Complete Beginner🔥💰

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2021.12.06 03:20 GreenNapster [Walmart] Transformers on CLEARANCE: Re-issue G1 Optimus Prime ($40.88) and Blaster($24.41) Action Figures [Deal: $40.88, Actual: $49.97]

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2021.12.06 03:20 assagitaz Msapasapa Makini - DEEPassionation of ASTRONAUNTS (JERO NOUGUES DUB MIX (PT B) [PRDS Direct]

Publisher: PRDS Direct
Out Date: 2021-12-03
Quality: MP3 20.21 Mb / AIFF 88.95 Mb
Genre: Deep House
Msapasapa Makini - DEEPassionation of ASTRONAUNTS (JERO NOUGUES DUB MIX (PT B) / (Key Dm, BPM 118, Length 8:24)​
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2021.12.06 03:20 Rimworld_SSI This is how you set up a colony

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2021.12.06 03:20 spinal888 LOL gungho hates action spamming too

Been playing the tower, and many times the npc waited 10 seconds for my action card, even when I played units based decks.
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2021.12.06 03:20 Stepbroplsstop X-files are actually real stories but fictionalised

I heard from someone or read it from an article a few years ago(I can’t remember it therefore I can’t source it) that The X-files are actually real life stories that is classified but fictionalise by TV I wanna know am I the only one who heard this or is there a credible source or something.
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2021.12.06 03:20 ViolentHamster8II whats something u never thought u would need until u had it?

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2021.12.06 03:20 dinkleber-g Interesting NPCs marriage broken?

Hi! I’m playing the Interesting NPCs mod. I am trying to marry Amalee. However, when it is time for her to say ‘I do, now and forever’ she will stand there, well… forever! I’ve tried reloading saves, but my saves have had an issue and I for some reason can’t access any before this happened. Is there any way to fix this? Using console commands doesn’t fix the problem.
I’ve tried missing the ceremony to reset it, but Maramal seems to believe we haven’t worked it out even though I have the quest marker to ask him about arranging it. What can I do? As I said, I can’t go back from here :(
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2021.12.06 03:20 Michepool I believe, in Porde lime.

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2021.12.06 03:20 karatekid430 The RIPE IPv4 waiting list just exploded big time! It is yet another sign to adopt IPv6.

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2021.12.06 03:20 Batata_ackermann Hello my fellow coke enjoyers, anyone wanna chat, I (27F) love talking about anything, just don't be a creep, please.

It's ok if you're different from the norm, so to say, I'm kinda crazy tol, just don't be a perv or creep who doesn't care about other people's feelings 🙏🏻
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2021.12.06 03:20 ThatOneWeirdStalker I became the prankster NPC - PROMPT

As much as I like reincarnation novels, something I hate most is the NPC personal maid. They're so one-dimensional! They either swoon over the posessed villainess becoming the perfect simp or just gets slap on the cheek to see how 'noble' the MC is. I always wonder how the personal maid could always explain to the confused MC who she is like what is her name and whose daughter is she without questioning ANYTHING.
'Fufufu I wonder how Alice's reaction will be after she finds out that I swapped our pencil case...'
Beep! Beep beep!
'Huh?' Crash!
And just like that I got isekaid by trucksama just like any other stories.
When I open my eyes I was in a new world.
'This is so unfair! I don't even know which novel I'm in!'
There were no NPC maids for me to figure out my identity. I guess I feel a teeny bit regretful for complaining about them.
Slowly I adjusted to life as a maid and I was even promoted to a personal maid!
Unfortunately, the lady I served is quite temperament. (Not that it was a problem for me, I could just sweet talk her into calming down.)
'Uhh...Sarah was it? Who am I? I think I have lost my memories.'
OMG! Isn't that the cliche line every reincarnator says?
Doesn't that mean I became the one of the very NPCs I complained about?
Since it came to this, let's just play a small harmless game.
' You are _________ my maid.'
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2021.12.06 03:20 killHACKS diogenes

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2021.12.06 03:20 bmlanti I'm not a big Facebook Fan, but I saw this post over there. I can't believe this is happening in Canada! This like a weird movie plot. Plot twist! They are fully vaccinated, or at least they got a needle and a promise that they were vaccinated.

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2021.12.06 03:20 Fabianzzz 🍂🏛️🍷 The Autumnal Dionysia: Submission Gallery and Voting Open! 🍷🏛️🍂

Hello, and happy Autumnal Dionysia!
We had eleven submissions, five songs and six pieces of art. Thank you so much for everyone who contributed, this is an amazing first start!
Dionysus Icon, by u/Rosesprey
𐀇𐀺𐀝𐀰, by u/Digiskunk
Drawing of Dionysus, by u/isometrickit
Untitled, by u/TennisOnWii
Dionysus Commission, by u/fullflux64
Dionysus Submission, by u/barksona
Pinecone Bells, by u/NovaCatPrime878
Gaudete, by u/m0ssyr0cks
Hark the Herald Angels Sing, by u/ButterscotchOk8112
Noble King Midas, by u/Fabianzzz
Silent Night, by u/TarotTiffany
A note: Pinecone Bells is also in a google doc, however for some reason google drive has determined it to be inappropriate. Currently contesting this with Google, meanwhile, please know thats the reason it's still in a reddit comment.
And, finally, the link to the voting! Deadline for votes will be 11:59 EST December 12th, tune in the morning after to see the results!
Thanks again for everyone who submitted something, and helped make this happen!
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2021.12.06 03:20 Independent-Bill1228 Feds Prepared ‘Deadly Force Countermeasures’ Ahead of ‘Storm Area 51’ Rally, Documents Reveal

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2021.12.06 03:20 Asorio-YT Thoughts if these cards should be nerfed?

-Balloon (damage)
-Lumberjack (damage)
-Bowler (range)
-mw (range)
-ebarbs (damage)
-Freeze (Duration)
-xbow (damage)
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2021.12.06 03:20 Arnadus [DREAMS] ⬇ Dreams Quest -2.25% in 5 minutes.-16.75% in 24 hours . Volume -0.33% in 5 minutes

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2021.12.06 03:20 Bobjohndud Do any of you ever run into the point where only kOS can fly your ships?

I just realized this when I tried to not use kOS for bigger rockets and planes, and realized that I literally could not fly them for the life of me. Its not like i'm that terrible at it, its just that FAR with the monstrous crafts I build mean that kOS and its reaction time do a better job than I do with a keyboard.
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2021.12.06 03:19 cute_koala1 Pls watch out for this guy @Independent_Thing598 ⬇️

He sent me a scam link with robloxg, I don't have any proof because he deleted it as a said ''its a scam" never press links even though it might look REALLY real. If they send you a link that's just sus... Stay safe!
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2021.12.06 03:19 lynn_1234 this year

everything went downhill in march. i was in a relationship, i was in love, i was so fucking happy dude. i had an amazing friend group, i had a best friend who i hung out with all the time. in march i got broken up with, shit destroyed me. my ex blamed everything on me. they would always text me saying that they still loved me, A lot of the time I would respond to that saying that I love them to. they told me that the break up with only last a week or two until they got onto their feet more and are more mentally stable. eventually I came to my senses that it was over and I told them to stop texting me that bullshit, they never stopped. it came to the point where I was on my final straw and I told her to stop, and that she was my ex. this resulted and her blocking me and then i blocked her on every social media I had. i’m talking every one, like i even blocked her on yt and roblox. in april / may i think it was my best friend defriended me , this really fucked my life up and I almost committed suicide and I was thrown into a bunch of therapy programs. I started self harming again, it was really bad this time. The friend group was over. A few weeks after me and my best friend stopped being friends my ex falsely accused me of sexual assault. they have done this before to me, but it was sorted out, and they told me they were sorry and that they knew I was i was not that type of person. this time it was posted on social media, it started off on a comment on the video they made directed towards me / the breakup. my friend commented on it of how they were the one who broke up with me, because they were acting like I was the one that broke up with them, and then my ex said that they broke up with me because I “sexually assaulted” them. which i did not. my friend then said i didnt. this post was my final straw and I planed to kill myself that night but I decided that I wasn’t going to so I ended up just being brought to the hospital. in the hospital they decided that I needed intense help and that i would be going to the mental hospital for a little while. in the hospital I figured out that my ex posted A multiple part video claiming false things and stretching out situations that did happened but they turned it into something that didn’t happen (ex: if we made out they would say that i forced them to even when it was consensual) I was in the hospital so there wasn’t really much I could do, and the hospital took away my phone before I could actually do anything. my friend ended up texting her mom and her mom talked to my ex about it and then the posts were deleted. at this point I was already in the mental hospital and I was not aware of that. after I got out of the mental hospital I came back to a lot of scary messages.
here I am months later. i’m still affected by the relationship and things that have happened after the relationship. I have now realized what a toxic shitty person my ex is. I have realized that in the relationship they manipulated me, sexually harassed me, made me feel forced to send, etc. after the relationship I ended up developing PTSD because of events that happened in the relationship.
if you read all of this thank you so much. please leave a comment if you have a question.
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